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A bit about us....

Vintage Apple Crates sell genuinely used rustic apple crates and bulk bins. Our new product line now includes 'furniture' items made entirely from up-cycled Vintage Apple Crates including, fitted shelf units, wedding signs, flower boxes, crate lids and much more.

Vintage Apple Crates is part of the Salvatori Group of Companies, a family business that has been running for over 80 years. As part of our fruit trading business we often come across apple trays, crates and bins which we buy our apples in and now sell on to the public.

All our crates, trays and bins are genuine and have been used by us to transport fruit. We group our crates into categories which were determined by strength and appearance to make sure our customers were getting items they knew were fit for purpose

These prove to be incredibly popular and we have a gallery of images which shows some wonderful examples of what you can do with the crates and shelved units.

We love what we do and we now have a lot of knowledge about how are crates can be used for personal or business use. Some magnificent creations can become of these crates with a little imagination and maybe a Google search!

Please note that the delivery estimate does not take into account any lead times that may be applicable to our hand-made products. If there is, for example, a 2-3 day lead time on the product you have selected then this time will be in addition to the the delivery estimate.


Vintage Apple Crates