Wooden Crates

Looking to create and decorate using rustic wooden crates? There's one company that carries a wide variety of wooden boxes UK designers, homeowners and commercial customers love: Vintage Apple Crates. Our wooden, gently used crates are perfect for those hoping to add a little shabby-chic style to their home. Measuring approximately 50 cm (length) by 40 cm (width) by 30 cm (height), these simple and beautiful boxes can help you create a more organized and more dynamic space! If you're not sure which type might suit, check out our handy guide.

100% Real, Genuine Apple Crates

You can find crates out there that vary widely in quality and authenticity. But we at Vintage Apple Crates have only genuinely used, directly sourced wooden boxes for sale. Farms and fruit companies send us their used crates, imparting a rustic and sustainable charm you won’t find elsewhere! If you're going for a genuine, natural look, buy wooden crates that have really been used, rather than buying new and weathering it yourself. We have wooden crates for sale that have mud marks, apple marks, uneven slats and slightly uneven surfaces that give them that quirky, rustic vibe and textured look, which are both important elements when creating a shabby-chic design. Where others may sell new, plain or modern crates, our genuinely sourced crates have the right feel, the best look and the most usefulness due to their sturdy design. Note that in addition to these lovely wooden crates, for sale, we also have larger wooden crates. .

A Thousand Ways to Decorate Your Home

These boxes are durable, infinitely useful and a lot of fun to decorate with. There are hundreds of different ways to use them throughout the home and outdoors. So whether you're just using them to hold logs for a fireplace or to complete elaborate or easy projects, these are the wooden crates to buy! Some examples of popular uses for these crates include:

  • Creating easy and rustic under-bed storage.
  • Stacking them on top of each other for a customisable bookshelf.
  • Displaying fine dishes or recipe books by using a crate as a cabinet in your kitchen.
  • Make one into a planter in your garden.
  • Wondering if there are commercial uses for our wooden boxes? UK companies like to use them as rustic displays.
  • Tacking one of these crates on its side in your bathroom and use it to store towels and bath necessities.
  • Converting one into a shoe rack for easy storage.
  • Fashioning one of our crates into a shelf, or let us do it for you.
  • Setting four down in a square and place a glass on top for an easy rough-hewn coffee table!
  • Simply use them for storing toys or items; we also offer fitted lids for our crates for getting messy items out of sight.

No matter the project, our rustic apple crates can serve your purposes very well. Note that if you're hoping to take on a big project, we'd be happy to help with that, too. In addition to sourcing these crates and providing them to our customers, we also reclaimed wood from them to create custom, handmade pieces of furniture and upcycled accessories. We are also happy to personalise an item or crate for you. To get special help with your order, feel free to contact us at 01304-695050 today!

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When they are gone they are gone! These are only available as low grade crate type when sorting through our incoming stock loads, they are offered a first come first served basis. If you are looking for more crates we recommend looking at our standard crate Type - Our Type 4 Premium grade crates ..
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4 Slat Apple Crate These sturdy wooden apples crates are our most popular type and have many uses. They are perfect for storage around the house - they can be stacked for use as bookshelves or display cabinets or used as toy boxes, shoe storage etc. They look great with logs in..
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Ex Tax: £12.92 £15.50
5 Slat Apple Crate These particular Vintage Apple Crates have an average of 5 slats on the long side of the crate giving a slightly more french style of crate. All crates are the same dimensions = 50x40x30cm All these items are great for stacking and utlising as wall display, storage, sea..
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Ex Tax: £24.99 £29.99
Our Shoe Tidy Storage Box is perfect for  those muddy boots and shoes around the house. These sturdy wooden apples crates are made from our most popular and premium grade crate type. Each one is hand stenciled for that true rustic look just for you. They are perfect for storage arou..
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Vintage Apple Crates are now available for hire! Ideal for Weddings and other events there is now no need to purchase crates without knowing what to do with them later! Kit out an event using Vintage Apple Crates for seating at wedding or outdoor events, display for retail shows, a unique display..
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Kindling What better way to spend the chilliest time of year than curled up in front of a roaring fire with a seasonal tipple in your hand! Vintage Apple Crates are now offering approx 6kg bags of kindling to get your fire hotting up. The wood has been de-nailed and cut down into convenient..