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Our Flash Sale can transform your home

Posted by admin_vintage 02/03/2017 0 Comment(s) Home Furnishings,
<p>Spring is upon us and as we Brits do, we start to think about moving house or redecorating, so if you&nbsp;are in that frame of mind but choosing the extremely cheaper latter, let us give you some inspirational ideas.....</p><p>How easy it is to purchase premade bedside tables, but on the other hand how expensive, so here is a great idea that <a href="">Ana White</a> created and&nbsp;will cost you a lot less. Take two Vintage Apple Crates with ready installed shelves, currently on offer on our <a href="">website</a> for £23.99 inc shipping, which you can leave natural or stain, wax or paint to fit the chosen room. There you have it your very own creation which can transform any bedroom.</p><p><img alt="" src="" style="width: 350px; height: 479px;" /></p><p>We love the idea of&nbsp;transforming a blank and boring wall into a chic and not so shabby rustic storage unit. Remember it does not have to by symmetrical you can change the crates around to create your own shape or buy some with shelves already installed. Now you have a unit to put all your books, records, photographs or just about anything you can think on for a fraction of the cost of a ready made unit. The featured one below was created by <a href="">Ideal Home</a>. If you purchase 30 plus <a href="">type 3 crates</a> in our flash sale they are £8.00 inc shipping per crate.</p><p><img alt="" src="" style="width: 550px; height: 550px;" /></p><p>As Mother's Day and Easter are both approaching fast we thought this was a great idea. Create a storage space for your Magazines and Newspapers from a Vintage Apple Crate, a little fabric, some wax, paint or varnish as <a href="">Home-Frosting</a> have for less than £10. The <a href="">crate</a> will cost you from £6.95 inc shipping during our sale for a minimum order of 6, so why not make a few and give them as gifts?</p><p><img alt="" src=" room 017.jpg" style="width: 400px; height: 300px;" /></p><p>The room that often gets forgotten when&nbsp;decorating is the bathroom and we thought this was a fabulous idea in which&nbsp;to store towels, loo rolls or toiletries. Again this costs very little to do and will add a touch of rustic glamour to your bathroom. The <a href="">crate with shelves</a> is &nbsp;£35.99 inc shipping.</p><p><img alt="" src="" style="width: 368px; height: 266px;" /></p><p>We hope that you will gain some inspiration from the ideas above, please take a look at our website for offers on our Vintage Apple Crates.</p>

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