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A Thousand Uses For A Vintage Apple Crate

Posted by admin_vintage 15/03/2017 0 Comment(s) Outdoor & Garden,Home Furnishings,

Spring is here and we all are looking for ways to give our homes a cheery upgrade without spending too much money. So here are a few ideas on how to use a Vintage Apple Crate in your home.

Firstly let's bring the garden into your home by making a herb garden which can sit on your window sill and give you ready made herbs at your finger tips to compliment any dinner dish. At a cost of only £22.80 from our Product Clearance Line.

As Mother's Day approaches you can transform the Herb Box into a Flower Box to sit on any patio or outside window sill, they can be personalised for only a few pounds extra.

One of our customers bought our Type 4 crates and painted them to match her bedroom decor and here you have some chic storage units

In our End Of Product Line Clearance you can snap a Bargain pallet which is made up of all of our crate types for only £150 including shipping for a pallet of 60 crates. With a little bit of loving they can transform an empty wall into a fabulous storage facility, which will add a rustic look to any home.

Picture courtesy of the TBS Blog

Never forget our pooches, they need a warm and cosy bed to sleep in and again in our massive Clearance March Madness Sale you can secure one for your Dog starting from £42.99 including shipping.

And best of all check out a new client, how Candle Scentral used the crate type 4's they purchased from us recently in their Candle Shop.....

Restaurants are always looking for ways to be different and Las Iguanas purchased crates from us for their new restaurant openings and take a look at how fabulous they look in situ.

One of our Florist customers used the crates to show her flowers on different levels showing just how versitle the crates are.

So take a look around your home and garden or even your business and see where you need to add some storage, display unit or maybe just a rustic coffee table. Go on over to our End Of Product Line Clearance and grab yourself a bargain whilst stocks last.