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Where to store the wine

Posted by admin_vintage 28/03/2017 0 Comment(s) Home Furnishings,

When we bring home the wine from the supermarket we tend to pop the white in the fridge and the red gets left on the kitchen bench or pushed inside a cupboard doesnt it?

Well we came up with a fabulous storage rack out of a Vintage Apple Crate. You can store 15 or 16 bottles depending on if you purchase a horizontal or vertical Wine Rack.

If you have space that is just going to waste under the stairs here is a fabulous way to fill it.

Or if you prefer you can have an horizontal Wine Rack which can fit fabulously on either a kitchen bench or neatly on the floor.

They come in two different finishes, natural or varnished and right now we have them on sale from £51.84 including shipping to mainland UK. So what are you waiting for grab yours whilst stocks last at that price!