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Hallway Storage - Our 2 tips to consider when buying family storage this spring

Posted by admin_vintage 25/05/2017 0 Comment(s) Home Furnishings,

Why does height matter? Our 2 tips to consider when buying family hallway storage this spring.

We all know the drill, the kids come home, dump their belongings at the front door and bound in leaving a trail of shoes, bags and homework in the wake behind them. Our hallways become the default family dumping ground that always ends up being that disorganised jumble of belongings that then greets us again first thing the next morning with someone screaming “where’s my shoe?” Well let me tell you, there is hope and it comes in the form of great stackable crate storage that is accessible to even then the shortest mini member of the family.

Here are our top tips to consider when buying hallway storage.


Why is the height off the ground a great thing to consider?

It might seem like a simple thing but many shelving units are just simply too far off the ground for little ones to reach safely, quickly and easily. Imagine if you had to take your shoes off each day and place them on a shelf at head height? It just wouldn’t make sense. So with our little people in mind the Vintage Apple Crate is the perfect solution. With the ability to place one crate on the floor and stack subsequent crates on top, it gives every member of the family the independence to organise and find their own items each morning. That’s one step closer to morning routine perfection!

Why is the height of the internal storage space important?

It is those bulging school bags of course! We have all had those experiences when the science experiment, or the sports bottle has been flung in the bag after school, only to find the next morning that the entire contents have either exploded or leaked across the floor because the bag hasn’t been kept upright. It is a great idea to have an entrance unit that is tall enough to be able to keep those backpacks standing up, with the added ability to store more bags side by side neatly. It makes access to the zips and pockets easy at all times for the kids when the units are stacked at a reachable height for them. Stackable storage is the most flexible option in the home as you can have multiple crates at different heights to suit the whole family at any stage.  Above all, and by far the most important, this also keeps those pesky handles & straps from tripping Dad up on the way out the door. His daily training as a member of the secret Olympic gymnastics team will be over!


So if you are considering getting your hallway or boot room organised this spring for your growing family, have a think about those little ones who are vertically challenged among you and make their lives as easy as possible. At the very least you can start the day right and not be the one looking for that missing shoe!


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