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Fancy a Bedside Table Makeover?

Posted by admin_vintage 14/06/2017 0 Comment(s) Home Furnishings,

Fancy a Bedside Table Makeover?

A bedside table is that little piece of furniture we see first thing in the morning & last thing at night. Strangely our bedside cabinets become part of our family, our sleep time friends, who patiently mind our phones, books & jewellery through the night. We know our little friend isn’t going anywhere, especially in the middle of the night as we reach out, bleary eyed for that tall glass of water after a heavy night out. With no judgement, it will be there waiting for us…saying “here you go….I have kept your glass handy, get yourself hydrated and get your head back down!”

The function of a great table at our bedsides is paramount to starting and ending our day in a positive mood. It’s the kind of support offered by a good PA, reliable, sturdy and always well presented.


When on the search for a bedside table there are a few things to consider:

Height of the table: Do you want it flush to your mattress height? A little higher? A little lower?

Openings: Do you want it to be easy to access with an open front? Do you want shelving? Drawers? Or doors?

Material: Are you looking for a warm rustic feel? Or a modern sleek look?

Uses: What will you place on the top? A lamp? A clock? Or do you plan to plug in your mobile phone?

The beauty of vintage crates is that they truly do tick every box on the list to make a great bedside table. This is especially important when thinking of mobile phone charging in the night. So many of us use our sleep time to recharge our phones and rely on that for the alarm the next morning. Vintage Apple Crates are perfect for this, as the gaps in the slats allow for easy threading of phone charging cables through to help you hide those unsightly cables whilst having our phones close to hand.

So if you are planning a bedroom make over and haven’t considered using a Vintage Apple Crate before then feel free to follow the link here to see the whole range of crates on offer. You can use a single crate on its own, you can upcycle it for a truly personal look or you can look at our customised crates that have additional shelving etc. The choice is truly yours.


By the way if you were wondering what the name of my bedside table is? It is Betty, she is always there for me every morning. Good old reliable Betty!