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THE ULTIMATE WOODEN STORAGE BOX : Why using natural wooden boxes is best.

Posted by admin_vintage 28/06/2017 0 Comment(s) Home Furnishings,

There is something about a wooden storage box that evokes a sense of nostalgia. I am not sure if it is the memories of toy boxes from our childhood, the blanket boxes from our grandmother or our father’s intriguing tool box, but the idea of my things tucked away in a safe wooden box make me feel content. And I am not alone.

It seems that wood has been the storage material of choice for many years despite the invention of plastic in 1907. Using plastic may mean that the contents are water proof to the outside elements but it also means they trap in dreaded moisture. Some items are best stored in wood as it is breathable and allows for some airflow. Aside from the aesthetic look of wood the health benefits are also preferable, you don’t really want all those BPAs around your home long term.

The other great thing about using wood over synthetic materials; especially vintage apple crates, is that you can add to your storage collection at any time, whist keeping a unified style in your home. The trouble with plastic is that the box types change, become out of stock or you can’t find your matching lid colour to keep the scheme cohesive. This is not the case with vintage crates because they come in a standard size and by using vintage wood, it creates a rustic yet coordinated look to your space.

We have seen some fabulous uses of our crates by customers over the years, including; record boxes, bathroom storage, shoe boxes, cushion boxes, book boxes and more. One of our most popular storage boxes for the lounge room is our Crate with Lid, as it doubles as a side table or coffee table. Having a lid with a box makes tucking away those unsightly items easy, whilst still being totally accessible. They can even double up as an emergency seating pod when you have those extra bottoms to place.

So if you are considering reorganising your beloved items then take a look at our range of products here. Or on our social media via to see some photos from customers of what they have been up to with our range of crates.