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What does a Vintage Apple Crate & a Silver Fox have in common?

Posted by admin_vintage 19/07/2017 0 Comment(s) Home Furnishings,

The quest for the perfect vintage apple crate is like the search for the perfect man. No two are ever the same. We all like someone who looks great, has character and shows a little life around the edges. A little like fine wine or a middle aged Hollywood heart throb …it is that certain something, that rustic charm that catches your eye yet feels effortlessly homely and handsome.

I think this is why vintage apple crates appeal to men and women alike. For us girlies we have created the term shabby chic to describe our love of vintage interiors where as men associate our crates with a rugged rustic style. It really is amazing just how much everyone loves a vintage crate. Something so simple but with mass appeal. We are surprised everyday with the endless uses our customers come up with when using our crates, anything from garden bars, interior walls, storage, artworks and more!

Customers send us photos every day showing us their creations and we love seeing them come in. We regularly display these pictures on our social media pages, something we are very proud of. To take a look for yourself, click here on Facebook or on Twitter. It really is a joy to see what adventures they get up to, especially when we see a little kitty or a pooch making them into a snuggle spot. Although again, a snuggle spot with a box office bad boy wouldn’t be half bad either but we haven’t had any of those pics sent in alas!

So if you are styling a new bachelor pad or helping a man get his style mojo in his man cave, rest assured you are definitely in the right place. The heritage look of the rustic wood creates a relaxed feel in the home of any young buck or salty stag looking for that put together yet effortless style. The other fantastic thing is that when compared to traditional furniture, the prices really can’t be beaten. With a shelf unit starting from only £29.99 and with further discounts applied the more you buy, there really is no excuse not to get your home looking ship shape.

So if you fancy an evening with a bit of rustic charm…alas I can’t organise a date with Mr Right but I can definitely organise a rendezvous for a “crate” night in.

For more information on our selection of crates follow the link here.