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Wooden Storage Chest: The Tobin Trunk is launched.

Posted by admin_vintage 18/10/2017 0 Comment(s) Home Furnishings,

The idea for an affordable trunk came about after a conversation our MD (David Tobin) and I had back in the balmy summer of this year. We’d had several requests for custom chests to be made for bespoke customer orders and it got us thinking. What if we could create a new product, a large trunk, that was affordable and easily delivered? I got to researching and realised that a rustic wooden storage chest was something our customers definitely wanted and this was certain after our first sample sold in 20mins on our Facebook page. That was it ….our vintage style storage trunk .. “The Tobin” was born.

Working alongside Stan, our head wood worker, we methodically worked through our ideas for size, wood type & handle options, until we got to the perfect large sized wooden chest prototype.  We decided our reclaimed apple bin wood would be perfect as it is beautifully thick, rustic, yet light. It is lovely to look at while also being perfect to manoeuvre around the home.  We decided to attach simple black metal hinges to the top of the storage trunk and rather than attaching an outer handle, we chose to cut out a beautifully simple shaped front hole to lift the lid. Stan mentioned it would be essential to add some extra cut outs to the sides of the trunk chest to make it easier to carry and give the user something to grab on to when moving about.

After selling several samples (that too went down a storm) we decide to officially web launch the Tobin Trunk on wed 11th Oct 2017. True to form the first weekend we sold out! Each one is truly a one off and totally unique and at only £99 including vat and delivery (to most UK postcodes for free) it really is a no brainer. If you are looking for a wooden chest for sale you can click here – Buy Trunk. We are so pleased that this storage chest has gone down so well with you all…it looks like the “Tobin” is going to be a solid fixture round these parts…..a little like our MD :)

We are always inspired by the different ways our vintage furniture is used. Our customers have used this simple wooden storage chest with lid for many uses around the home, from a trunk coffee table, storage chest, bedroom storage trunk, blanket storage chest, linen storage trunk, ottoman chest storage, living room storage trunk and more.

As you might have guessed we love the look of handmade furniture here at VAC HQ just like you. We are great champions of UK made furniture and really do enjoy upcycling materials to make the lovely items we sell on our website every day. Each item is truly made with care and attention, we really do feel like it’s our babies going off to new homes. If you are looking for something special or even a custom design, don’t be afraid to ask us about making bespoke custom pieces. You can get in touch with me (Michelle) anytime via